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Neil Forester

Neil M. E. Forester, CFLS

A recovering litigator with 18+ years of family court appearances, NEIL applies expertise and insider perspective to arbitrations and private judging solutions.

A Virtual Law Firm

FORESTER FAMILY LAW offers out-of-court options for couples seeking a quiet, calm, and quick divorce in California. Working as mediator, arbitrator, private judge, consulting attorney, and litigation concierge, attorney NEIL FORESTER blends creative ADR methods with discrete advisory counseling to help clients resolve a divorce, parenting dispute, or other family law conflict — outside the courtroom confines. 

The firm was launched amid the COVID-19 lockdown and resulting backlog of cases in California’s judicial system. This surreal scenario is ripe for a reset of the divorce legal process. By operating virtually and empowering clients with savvy and affordable substitutes, FORESTER FAMILY LAW aims to open the options in a divorce marketplace stagnated by traditional lawyering. There’s never a good time to get divorced, but a silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic is that couples and counselors alike have reason to be more sanguine about their cases. 

A recovering litigator with 18+ years of family court appearances, NEIL applies expertise and insider perspective to mediations, arbitrations, and private judging solutions. When motives are aligned, he encourages collaboration, collective hard work, and co-created outcomes by families who relish control of their next normals.

NEIL is a Certified Arbitrator and Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a Certified Family Law Specialist through the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization  – elite designations that underscore his dedication to the practice of family law and level of professionalism in the field.

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